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11 Point Buck?
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    I was driving into town when I noticed a pickup stopped on the highway for no apparent reason. Then, I saw why. There was a buck only about two feet off the pavement, eating grass and minding his own business. Soon, there were several cars stopped. A few people were out with their cameras, though I could get what I needed from my car. He would look up at us, then go back to eating. Traffic didn't seem to bother him. I'm not sure, but it looks like a little point low on his right...

    Buck with Six Plus Points in Velvet
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      The buck was hanging around with his buddy, the 11 point buck on the highway. They seem to pair around, year after year, in the same area. They stay relatively near the highway and pay no attention to traffic and photographers.

      Deer Among the Evergreens
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        This deer was eating, until she heard me clicking the camera. She stood there posing until I was through photgraphing her.

        Deer Among the Yellow Flowers
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          This little doe was enjoying the Spring flowers.

          Deer Family in the Snow
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            Driving down the highway, I spotted a herd of deer. I noticed this family heading out just in time to catch all three, as Dad led the parade.

            Doe with Two Fawns
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              Momma has her two babies in tow. One fawn is a little bit shy.